Over many years of establishment and operation, TOLY HAIR is gradually becoming one of the leading wig manufacturing companies in Vietnam. We always keep up with the trend, producing many fashion products with excellent quality. Deliver the best customer experience! TOLY HAIR specializes in trading 2 main product lines, BULK HAIR and WEFT HAIR.

We always believe that raw material selection is one of the most important stages. Therefore, we have directly purchased high-quality real hair, through many meticulous and modern production stages, producing quality products to consumers. To achieve that, TOLY HAIR always has annual employee training programs, we arrange employees suitable for each production stage, in order to bring high productivity and reduce work pressure.

Coming to TOLY HAIR, you can freely choose the right wig for yourself. Maybe you love short hair bundles, or stylish long hair clips, we have it all. Each of our products is produced in a variety of colors, unique and beautiful. The length of the hair also has many sizes suitable for many different faces. This is what makes TOLY HAIR successful in the wig industry. Every day, TOLY HAIR is constantly learning, discovering and absorbing the comments of customers, to perfect the product in the best way.

With TOLY HAIR, customers are our driving force, don’t hesitate, contact us immediately for more detailed product information!