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    Nowadays, Bulk Hair is one of the best-selling products in the WIG industry. So what is Bulk Hair? How does it work and how to use it? The article will give you full information about Bulk Hair.

    Firstly, what is Bulk Hair? It’s a group of hair tied with an elastic band, it’s completely made from 100% natural human hair. Bulk hair is soft, shiny, easy to bleach, dye and style. If you often want to change your hairstyle without affecting your real hair, then Bulk Hair is absolutely a good choice. When you use Bulk Hair, it will give you a completely new, more beautiful and fashionable look.

what is bulk hair, Bulk hair supplier
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     Second, what are the ingredients to make Bulk Hair? you can completely trust its composition. To create an amazing Bulk Hair product, we have carefully selected Virgin hairs of mountainous ethnic minorities. This type of hair is strong, healthy and especially has never been affected by any chemical hairdressing methods. Experiencing many stages such as washing, bleaching and dyeing hair, TOLY HAIR has released many BULK HAIR product lines with many different designs and colors. Choose a dark brown Lob Hair if you want to be more elegant. And if you want to be trendy, the smoky Layer Hair will not disappoint you.

what is bulk hair, Bulk hair supplier
Bulk hair from TolyHair

Last but not least, Bulk Hair also has a long service life with great flexibility in use. With our Bulk Hair products, you can extend your life up to 4 years or more. With Virgin Bulk Hair products, the service life can be extended up to 4 years. With Bulk Hair products made from Remy and Non Remy hair, the product life will last from 6 months to 2 years. You can also easily style and color Bulk Hair suitable for different events. Moreover, we have provided different types of Bulk Hair including: super double hair, single double hair, bulk braids hair and so on.

different bulk hair types
different bulk hair types

Above are the great uses of Bulk Hair, please contact us if you need any more information about this product. 

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